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Side Effect is a 5-piece pop-punk sensation based in Hollywood, California. Their newest EP “Another Last Goodbye”, co-produced by Marko72 of Sugarcult and Jokull Jonsson of Evening Guests, is to be released in December this year. Highlighted by a release party at the Rainbow Bar & Grill and followed by a California, Nevada and Arizona tour in early 2014. With its sassy attitude and raw rock flavor, the EP is a collection of messages that got inspired by a real life story. The story, as so many others before, is about a girl in love and a guy who, well, was not. The EP takes us on the journey from the very first time they met (“[Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know That This Is] About You”; “Get It Right”), throughout the relationship (“Jade Green Eyes”; “I Wish You Were Here”), to it’s very end (“92 Yesterdays”).
The last track on the record, “Ships In A Bottle” is a rock cover of original singer/songwriter ballad, written and performed by popular artist, songwriter and producer Butch Walker. It carries a grain of disappointment, desperation and anger. “It’s funny how well it worked with the rest of the EP, it seems like it could have been written about that relationship” – said Kapri, lead vocalist – “And in the end I am glad all of this happened, otherwise the EP wouldn’t be ready. This shows how bad experiences can become really important milestones of your life.”
The story of the band, on the other hand, starts when in September 2010, Kapri, Polish-born female vocalist, moved to Los Angeles, abandoning her safe little hometown, Lublin, in Eastern Poland to pursue her childhood dreams in the City Of Angels. How many of us dream of becoming rock stars as kids? Kapri took that leap of faith, and that led her to Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where she worked on her vocal performance and music industry knowledge, to finally graduate in March of 2013.
The current lineup includes Kapri, lead guitarist Jokull Jonsson (also a co-writer of a vast part of material on the EP), rhythm guitarist Hisako Ozawa, Jim Shaw on the bass and John McLucas on the drums. Marko DeSantis, known to the wider audience as Marko72, lead guitar player of Sugarcult, has significantly contributed to the arrangement and production efforts of “Another Last Goodbye” EP. As he describes the EP, it is “the new 21st Century twenty-something spin on rock music the way it was always intended to be: loud, fast, vulnerable and authentic-to-the-core.” [+]
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