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SevidemiC is the Zombie. You are the MeaT.

SevidemiC's lyricism is a sharp and twisted mix of real life and ultra death integrated with the ramblings of a partially re-animated human brain attempting to successfully produce legitimate sentences.... for SevidemiC is a zombie.

SevidemiC's creepy instrumentals are retro-funk schizo-street neck breakers. The influence is unknown, but the style has been deemed 'Zombie-Hop' by the MeaT... for SevidemiC is a zombie.

SevidemiC's 'stage performance' is an aggressive onslaught of white magic. Carefully manipulated rituals and movements are conducted simply hypnotizing the MeaT into a disturbing frenzy. News of these events spreads extremely fast, thus the MeaT have named SevidemiC' s movement 'The Infection' ... for SevidemiC is a Zombie.

SevidemiC is restrained in a number of ways to prevent him from attacking his audience but all of these methods only last an hour or less...

The company responsible for SevidemiC DURING PERFORMANCES is SickMindMedia. SickMindMedia is an experimental company based out of Los Angeles, CA that refuses to release any information in regards to how SevidemiC became a Zombie, the origins of his affliction or to how they are allowed to track and control him.

It sure is scary and fun for the MeaT, though.
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