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Musical production and human growth are very similar concepts. Everyone has their own styles, stories, motivations, niches, and personalities. Over time these qualities begin to develop and evolve into something more rich and desirable. All throughout this process, obstacles will surface and mistakes will be made. How we recover from these falls are what truly defines our evolution through life. This is the same credo that the band, “Sic Vita” took when writing their new album “History”.

"Sic Vita brings strong melodies and intense guitar lines to create a unique blend of alt-rock that’s a perfect fit for both an energetic live performance and ambient noise when hanging out with friends. The band constructs an almost theatrical vibe to their music; the soaring bridges and story driven lyrics are almost larger than life." - Property of Zack

Having been likened to the sounds of groups such as Saosin and Anberlin, the unadulterated intensity is vastly abound in a live set that breaks the invisible wall between the patrons and the artist.

These traits were recognized during the 95.5 WBRU 2012 Rock Hunt and 90.7 WXIN 2013 Rock Hunt, where Sic Vita found themselves in the finals of both competitions. 95.5 WBRU had also rated the song “Dangerous By Design” to be #19 most essential song of 2012.

“History”, the newest endeavor of Sic Vita’s discography, is the culmination of their growth since their last record “Steady”. The writing process has translated these songs within a new, more developed sound scape. When asked about what "History means to him, lead vocalist, Armand Cabral says, “History’s message lies in the relationships we maintain, or destroy, with the people in our own respective lives, along with the lessons we learn in those interactions. Though, it’s also designed to be a personal adventure for the listener. Context is key when listening to History.”

After "History" drops on December 13th, the Massachusetts quintet will be hitting the road on a string of shows.

90.7 WXIN 2013 Rock Hunt Finalists
95.5 WBRU 2012 Rock Hunt Finalists
95.5 WBRU #19 most essential song of 2012- Dangerous by Design

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