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Matt Miller has just inked a deal for Shred Rot with supplying the use of their music for megabrand Quiksilver and company for the 2013/2014 event year. The tracks supplied will be used during reels, ads and events for the spring and summer events of the new promotional campaign. The music will be a part of a pool of music that has been hand picked to feature in and at Quiksilver Events, sponsored competitions and shows featuring the TOP Competitors in Skate, Surf and Snow events. The selected tracks were "Wish You The Best", "Show A Way" and "We Don't Have A Chance".


“Shred Rot is utterly - ridiculously - insanely - awesomely rockadocious, and their new album release, Nuthin Extra Special is truly an extra special project! Who the h-e-double-hockey-stix left the gate open and let these madmen into the yard?! Shred Rot is representing the Buckeye State very well and it's only a matter of time before I see a Shred Rot sticker on the bumper of some dude in front of me in traffic." "Songs like Scars From Mars, Nuthin Extra Special, Show A Way, and Wish You The Best are amazing displays of Shred Rot's awesomeness as musicians and songwriters." Shred Rot's project 'Nuthin Extra Special' is one of the best alternative grit rock albums I've heard in 2012. Chock full of amazing guitar riffs, awesome vocals, kicking drums and punchy bass the album is a recommended BUY!

Shred Rot deserves all the respect in the world and I give these dudes a big ole two thumbs up!

entire review available here: http://iaemagazine.com/music/2012/082012/shred-rot.html

Review by: Senseitional, I Am Entertainment Magazine

Shred Rot's song "Wish You The Best" was chosen for use by Rockstar Wrestling. It will be a seasonal web series production with a completely fresh and new take on wrestling. If you love wrestling, music, and premium cable television series then you will enjoy what Rockstar Wrestling has to offer. The first season is currently in the preproduction process will debut early 2012. Full details on this new concept can be read at DLPRockstar.com

A theme song will be used for each fighter from each specific genre including: Funk, Hip Hop, Goth/Metal, Gospel, Classic Rock, Country, Grunge, Punk, Indie/Hipster, Emo, Pop/American Idol, Juggalo/Underground, Country, and Club/Techno. Each match, each video, each production will feature music. There will be a constant stream of sports entertainment with a developing story and music, to be featured on each episode.
In honor of the official launch of Rockstar Wrestling, Digital Lizard Productions has released a 20 minute “What Is Rockstar Wrestling? V.1” intro-mercial explaining more about this unique concept while showing off a little taste of what’s to come.

"Shred Rot is a rock and roll force to be reckoned with! Drawing influences from grunge, Jimi Hendrix, and funk, Shred Rot is a breath of freah air in today's over saturated nu-metal and screamo market. Shred Rot's songs are catchy, grinding and angry as piss. The members of the band --- Matt Miller, Nick Reinmann and Scott Drazdik, met at the School of Rock Cleveland and are a living, breathing testament to the program and what happens when you pick up your guitar and never look back. The band is also known for their live shows, thrashing around on stage like the godfathers of grunge who inspire them, complete with goodwill sweaters and a drummer who can't seem to keep his clothes on."
Shawn Perry (School of Rock, MTV Made coach, Switchblade Scarlet founder and Pesident of New Disaster Records.

"Shred Rot, what can I say, these kids have the goods to become major rock stars. Made up of three teens looking to go pro in rock music, Shred Rot is a saucy dish of skill and gonads. " See the whole review at: http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/2011/072011/shred-rot.html Review by Senseitional - I Am Entertainment Magazine http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/2011/072011/shred-rot.html [+]
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