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Shorty J (born on October 22, 1985 in Philadelphia) is a American pornographic actor. [1]

Movies and Videos [1]

  • El Diablo [Big City Video] (2007)
  • Urban Legends [Real Urban Men] (2011)
  • Ready To Pop [Big City Video] (2006)
  • Dorm Life 8 [Flava Works] (2006)
  • Once Upon A Time In New York 4 [Chocolate Cream] (2008)
  • Lil' Homies 3 - Dreamcatcher [Chocolate Cream] (2008)
  • Booty Bandit [Chocolate Cream] (2007)
  • Black Busters [Black Door] (2006)
  • If You Want It, Take It [B.C. Productions] (2015)
  • Cream of the Crop 4 [B.C. Productions] (2008)
  • Best of Pinky [Chocolate Cream] (2013)
  • Raw Thugs 1 [Flava Works] (2005)
  • Legendary Bottoms [Chocolate Cream] (2011)
  • Bulldozer [Big City Video] (2008)
  • Dorm Life 10: The House Next Door [Flava Works] (2007)
  • If You Only Knew [B.C. Productions] (2015)
  • Destruction of KBlaze [Thugoverload] (2009)
  • Hardcore In Harlem [Latino Fan Club] (2007)
  • Crime Connect [Blatino Connection] (2008)
  • Tryin To Get Ova [Chocolate Cream] (2013)
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