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Shikhar Srivastava is an Internet entrepreneur, Satirist, Sci-Tech Blogger, Science Communicator, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Sonneteer from India. Shikhar grew up in Lucknow and later moved to Bengaluru, where he lived from 2009 to 2016. He currently spends his time traveling and networking with entrepreneurs and creative people in multiple cities across India including New Delhi and Bangalore.



Shikhar has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications (BCA) from Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of Technology, Lucknow (Formerly Northern India Engineering College, Lucknow) and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (MCA) from Acharya institutes, Bangalore. Over the years he has also completed multiple online courses in Computer Programming. In 2011-12 he spent time researching and writing papers on the evolving role of algorithms in Virtualization and Cloud computing . Since 2008 his area of interest has been ADA (Analysis and Design of Algorithms OR Analysis of algorithms).

Brand associations and work background

He has served as the Editor-In-Chief of Dazeinfo[12], a leading media and research company in India. He has also served as the Editor-In-Chief of iSpyPrice.com[11], one of India’s top 5 price comparison websites during his tenure.


He has worked in multiple industries in a wide variety of roles. He was a Procurement Specialist at IBM, a QC (Quality Control) at Prime Focus World/Technologies, a Research Intern (gaming) at Microsoft, and an Academic Author (Digital Media) at ansrsource. At ansrsource he worked largely on creating computer simulations from scratch.


His work has been published in several publications and industry-leading blogs including Bitrebels and BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions.


In November 2016, after talking to Mahbod Moghadam Shikhar started Everipedia India. He is a proponent of free knowledge and supports several companies in the free knowledge space. He is the first Community Manager of Everipedia India.



Shikhar is the Founder and Chief Stupid at Total Nonsense News (TNN)[3], a satire/parody venture with an anime division known as NonCom. He is also the CEO of Stannals, a fast growing community of entrepreneurs and creative people. In late 2017, other than highlighting compelling stories of entrepreneurs from around the world, the Stannals publication also began focusing on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Cryptocurrency.


Shikhar is the Founder, Product Head, and Executive Creative Director of TechDekko[5]. TechDekko covers in-depth Hi-Tech content.


Shikhar is also a Podcaster. He started his first podcast show on pro-wrestling – SmarkTalk – in March 2017. Popular hip-hop artist from Central Florida David Moody (Day Day) created the beats for SmarkTalk.


GameDekko is Shikhar’s YouTube gaming channel.


He has been featured in The Huffington Post[8], InTheirShoes[9], and Future Sharks[10].


Shikhar is a creative person at heart and his favourite things to do are reading books, playing video games, and writing on random topics.


Shikhar invented his own style of poetry called Contrarian Dysthymia. He uses Contrarian Dysthymia in all his poetry including his sonnets.


He uses his Medium Publication 9to5Smark as an outlet for his creative expression. He describes this publication as the place where he "thinks out loud on the Internet".

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