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Sharon Ellison, an award-winning speaker, international consultant and leading expert in eliminating defensiveness, is the author of "Taking the War Out of Our Words." Honest, funny, genuine, and compassionate, Sharon is challenging while making her audience feel like valued guests. Quick on her feet, she can apply the principles she teaches to any example. Her clients include: Nordstrom, Genencor, Hewlett Packard, Sheraton Palace Hotel, State Farm Insurance, United Way, Milwaukee Public Schools, The US Justice Department, Babcock School of Management, International Association of Administrative Personnel, Centre for Dispute Resolution, London England Powerful Non-Defensive Communication More than a technique . . . "Powerful Non-Defensive Communication is the missing link that bridges the gap between our desire to communicate effectively and our ability to do so." - Robert Brownstone, Corporate Educational Specialist, Fortune 500 Company The problem: Defensiveness is pervasive, leading to power struggles, undermining individual productivity and teamwork, damaging an organization's performance. The Solution: Sharon Ellison's revolutionary "Powerful, Non-Defensive Communication" methods enhance any professional's ability to ask disarming questions, get to the core of an issue, speak with clarity and confidence, and set firm boundaries, gaining others' respect and cooperation. Applicability: Sharon's practical methods can be applied immediately to anything from leadership skills, team performance, and diversity issues, to sales and change management. Speeches: Sharon speaks at conferences and association meetings, offering both standard and interactive keynotes, breakout sessions, and half-day and full-day sessions. For cost-saving, she can do multiple presentations in one day, as well as coaching or small group work, i.e. with managers or board members at the conference/meeting. Workshops and Training: Sharon does workshops, seminars and on-going training for organizations in thirteen professional fields. In addition she does mediations and coaching. She has a diverse group of seasoned consultants she works with when appropriate. [+]
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