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Having completed a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and being a current student of engineering, I have been working with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) since June 2006 in Afghanistan. I began my career part time in July 2002 when I was still in high school. I served in key positions with International Agencies such as Ockenden International (OI) and United Kingdom-Department for International Development (UK-DFID). I am currently working as National Programmes Officer with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). As part of my consistently promoting profile, I have worked closely with a diverse group of senior and experienced international experts and government officials including Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Governors. I have also engaged in a variety of tasks including a critical role in the implementation of Helmand Agriculture and Rural Development Programme (HARDP) and the design of Helmand Growth Programme (HGP). With a strong emphasis on infrastructure development, these multi-million programmes are funded by the UK government and benefited thousands of farmers and rural poor. Concurrent with my professional engagements, I have continuously enhanced my personal skills and knowledge through an auto-didactic self-development programme. I have also attended a number of workshops, trainings and seminars. I have usually held first to third positions during my schooling. In September 2007, I got the 2nd highest score throughout Helmand province and found way to pursue the first ever course taught by Microsoft. I co-founded Helmand Students Society (HSS), a volunteer network of students in Kabul from Helmand province. At the HSS, we developed a proposal to provide tuition and accommodation for students interested in entry to the universities. The proposal was approved by Helmand PRT for one year funding; and as a result over 300 students managed to enter universities. I am currently an active member of the Kabul-Hub of the Global Shapers Community, a network of global volunteers. [+]
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