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“Though his music shares a genre populated by last name folk-rock icons such as Dylan and Petty, Lamb’s music vibrates with a level of originality and personal authenticity that rivals the heavyweights.”
- Vintage Guitar Magazine
“He’s being compared to some of the giants of his genre, like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But singer/songwriter Shane Lamb also brings his own indelible, introspective rawness to the table and willingly takes the listener down his surprisingly sunny road, yet pointing out his weaknesses and scars along the way with unashamed honesty. Lamb’s performances are vulnerable, yet strong; his lyrics revealing but hinting at mystery, his stories tell just enough, then leaving us to fill in the blanks.”
- Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville 
It started for Shane in elementary school, with Shel Silverstein's, ‘Where The Sidewalk Ends' and a record collection belonging to his neighbor, Mark. Shane spent summers listening to records in headphones while Mark's rock n roll band played in the basement. “I daydreamed about the world I heard in those headphones, and I wondered about the mystery of writing songs and making records.  I believed there was truth in those records.” says Shane.
Shane began learning to play guitar at age thirteen, studied guitar performance and composition at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, and upon graduating, Shane moved to Nashville.  Shane has toured North America, and has played all sorts of gigs and venues.  He has played guitar, live and in the studio, with some of Nashville's most respected and sought-after musicians.  He has done the same with folks that may never be heard or known. 
In 2009, Shane scaled back from work on other artists' projects to focus on his own writing and recording with friend, drummer and two-time Grammy-Award winning engineer, Casey Wood. In the middle of recording his first record, a surge of writing yielded new material. “The first song I played for Casey was 'Disengage' and after hearing it and a few more new songs, Casey suggested we shift directions.  Those songs became the first album, 'Disengage', released in 2009," states Shane.  After its release, 'Disengage' led to a tour, drew international attention and airplay as well as garnered strong reviews, press and comparisons to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Wilco, The Jayhawks and Ryan Adams. Additionally, the album was in consideration for three Grammy nominations, making it to the final round of voting. 
Following 'Disengage' and another burst of new songs, Shane released his second album, 'Better Here', in 2011. "We tracked all of the songs live, in two days. We approached this one differently in order to capture the live energy and performance from a really great group of musicians.  All the songs on the album were captured on the first or second take", says Shane, proudly.  The album originally was set to release in the summer of 2010, but due to the historic Nashville flood, final production came to a halt as both the mastering studio and Shane's home received substantial damage caused by the rising water. 
           “Somehow in the flooding, rebuilding and getting married, I wrote the songs for my third album, 2013's, 'Together, we'll get through.'  The songs had a different vibe, which again shifted and drove the recording approach. Some say it is folk, some say it is Americana. I try to stay out of the labeling," Shane says, with a smile.  The record was released August 10th, and a week later, Shane was on the road through the Midwest for three weeks of shows and is playing live regionally. It turns out that 'Together, we'll get through', like ‘Disengage, found its way through some of the Grammy nomination voting rounds.
"I still daydream about the world I hear in headphones, and I believe there is truth in there, even more so now than ever," Shane says. And after all that time listening to him as a boy, Shane did get to meet Johnny Cash. "That alone was worth the ride," Shane says, smiling. 
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