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About Seventeen Sisters:
For Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith, Hannah, and Cecil Scarbrough, the term “living with purpose is more than just a clever phrase; it’s a true representation of who they are.

The Scarbrough siblings are a truly unique story of talent, perseverance, hard work, and never letting anything stop them! Born and raised in Mississippi and now living in Chicago Illinois after losing their home to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and as a result being homeless for over a year and a half. They know hardships, days after getting their house in Champaign their father suffered a major heart attack, then another more severe one 6 months later. Thankfully their father survived and the experience made them understand the value even more of making every moment count! These siblings are a tightly woven fabric of family, learning early that sticking together is their strongest asset. Being six extremely talented siblings that actually do get along 100% of the time is something you don't see often, maybe even never!

As young siblings they were self starters. Having no knowledge of the music industry and parents who didn't know either, they dived into learning how to book shows, write contracts, and manage. They quickly learned how to promote and negotiate, with their first music project a kiddie Rock group called "The Lady Bugs" they successfully booked a tour every year that would take them on the road up to 9 months out of the year. Performing at special events, malls, fairs, festivals, theme parks, children's museums, etc.

The siblings then took that knowledge and started Seventeen Sisters around three years ago. Seventeen Sisters was born out of a desire to make an impact with their music. Socially conscious, they wanted to write songs that enabled them to share their life experiences of struggle and triumph. There is a depth to their music that is far beyond their years.

Seventeen Sisters sound is full of emotion, it's energy, it's who they are. Never worrying about stereo types of what a "female rocker" should be or sound like, they just do. Being genuine is what shines, they don't shy away from doing things differently. They don't care that they don't fit a mold or template, they are just truly themselves.

Seventeen Sisters music is a melding pot of their life, growing up in the deep south there is influences of classic rock, blues, soul, and gospel. There's also their love of vintage music everything from the Rolling Stones, Who, Jefferson Airplanes, Heart, and even early Joan Jett punk. They don't over complicate their music, they are old school rock n roll and play whats in their souls, making the most out of harmonies at just the right moments.

Seventeen Sisters just released a brand new single and music video called "Big Bad Wolf".

Currently Seventeen Sisters is producing a brand new concept in concerts, called "Carnival of Rock". Seventeen Sisters wanted to create something that was more than just a concert, they wanted to create an engaging experience that had a positive impact on the communities they visit. The goal is to bring people together through music, and build long term relationships that strengthen communities. They believe getting involved, supporting your neighbors, and celebrating diversity is what makes communities great. Part of that awareness is showcasing local businesses as exhibitors, giving attendees the opportunity to meet the amazing people behind those great local businesses. Local charities and organizations will also be on hand to share volunteering opportunities to get involved in making a difference.

Carnival of Rock is designed as a tour, the first one kicked off at the Krannert Center for Performing Art located on the University of Illinois campus on February 6th with over 1500 attendees.

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