Serengetee is a millennial startup company that incorporates fabrics from artisans in underprivileged communities, into made-to-order fashion items such as T-shirts. The fabrics used come from more than 25 countries. A percentage of the company’s profit is donated to a local charity that's linked to the fabric used in the product.


The company was initially started in early 2012 by three college students – Jeff Steitz, Ryan Westberg, and Nate Holterman – after they completed a Semester at Sea in 2011, where they got the idea to give back to the poor communities that they visited as well as utilise their entrepreneurial skills. They originally launched Serengetee out of a dorm room after getting $3,000 dollars together in order to start the company. Since the launch out of a dorm room, production has moved to a warehouse in Los Angeles. There are over 30 causes, which are each linked to the multitude of fabrics.

The causes

Serengetee is partered with a list of 35+ causes that continues to change. Each country brings a different cultural aspect into the fabric which is created for Serengetee. For example, Ghana tends to use bright colors.

Earnings and donations

In the first year Serengetee made $140,000 in revenue. As of May 2015, the company collected over $100,000 in donations as well as more than $50,000 in fabrics bought. Over $250,000 has been made for the causes and those who make the fabrics.


The marketing efforts of this company come from social media use and sales over the internet.