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"Sepia Ria’s sound is best described by the name of their self-dubbed sub-genre “Refugee Chic.” It is distressed yet cohesive, driving yet highly directional. The lyrics affect a post-Shakespearean feel, macabre at times and subtly poetic. The guitar hints at origins in metal, tremolo and octaves best found in the choruses, accent the dynamical picking most apparent in the verse. The drumming in this EP showcases creativity that most rhythm sections lack, and is executed with startling precision. The bass is a great example of how Sepia Ria knows when and where to play their cards. Often lending to the rhythm in simple syncopation, the bass will occasionally explode to the forefront of the song to adeptly carry the torch through transitions. The lead instrument, the piano, is, simply put — amazing. It’s definitely not your simple pop-rock keyboarding. It’s very baroque in its busyness, and highly functional in its chord progressions. The keys are always on the move and highlight the feelings of the lyric’s connotations. Overall, a highly promising debut EP." -http://sepiariadeadinthehead.wordpress.com/about/ [+]
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