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Lets be honest, there are many new Indie Rappers popping up on the Internet everyday claiming to be the hottest. The truth of the matter, the people decide what’s hot and what’s not. Los Angeles/Inglewood, California Native S.D.Lyric (Born Sean Donnell Draper) understands this aspect of today’s industry & sets himself apart which heart felt lyrics, home hitting messages and the “You like it, I love it” mentality. He isn’t worried about being the hottest, yet proving to the people he has some of the hottest material by creating music opposed to competing though music. Utilizing versatility, originality & passion as the main tools with creating his music, each record has its own mission. Whether in his soulful old wise man demeanor speaking on life’s trails and obstacles or in his vigorous fresh persona exploring the exciting elements of life, S.D.Lyric delivers a diverse sound draped in conceptual originality filled with first hand experiences & incite. S.D.Lyric falls into the Hip Hop/Rap & R&B genres but if you were to ask him, “I make Soul Rap & Urban Blues. Sounds that make you think, groove and zone out. I was raised around mostly oldie but goodies blasting out of my moms radio, so I grew to love music with messages and emotions. I also loved the rawness of Rap & how it painted distinct images like no other genre. I was a kid but I knew what good music was and wanted to make it myself”. S.D.Lyric’s journey of creating Art began at a young age with poetry & memorizing his favorite songs but with his own twist. After years of practice and developing his lyrical talents, he began gaining a solid understanding of his writing skill & ventured into writing songs, rapping thoughts & recording music using two boom boxes and the instrumental that came on the tapes B-side. Throughout high school he wasn’t vocal about his talents and only spit a few bars when asked but was an avid writer and daily thinker of new rhymes. It wasn’t until his freshman year in College where he sunk his teeth into the Music Business, engineering & performing to began developing a fan base & looking to establish himself as a professional Artist. Cut from the freestyler fabric, he won a spot on Power 106’s Whoa Call & was invited to the studio battle. Though things didn’t go the as planned, he kept his head high and kept passion for building his brand. Performing in talent shows, coffee houses, clubs, school auditoriums and parties, while collaborating with fellow indie artist, he developed a resume that landed him an opportunity to record his debut album, ”One Stroke of My Pen”, which Released February 14th 2007 under Razor Sharp Music Productions. The album was one of a kind being that clean & edgy rap isn’t too familiar. It was also a display of knowledge; originality, positive energy and wisdom coming from the mind of an adolescent, not to mention it lacked derogatory language and cursing. Since that time, S.D.Lyric has independently booked countless performances, released 4 mixtapes, acquired digital/physical sales & promoted dozens of venues from Hollywood to the Inland Empire. S.D.Lyric is currently working an his 5th Mixtape, 1st Ep & a catalogue of singles that will be released throughout 2014 aimed at many social and life issues faced by the struggling. He is also equipped with some nice dance and groove tunes for the music lovers who just want to zone out and have a good time. “I like music I can zone out to and not think about what I have going on in life. Therefore, I also make music that people in that mind state can relate to”. Life can be a struggle and S.D.Lyric’s music aims to ease the storm as much as possible with grooves, melodies, relative concepts & engaging lyrics. Get familiar & enjoy the sounds of an Inglewoodian. [+]
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