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Scottie Nell Hughes is a conservative journalist and political commentator. She currently works as a political commentator for CNN and is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. She calls herself an "official surrogate" with Donald Trump's presidential campaign. [2][5]


In September, 2014 Scottie published a book called "Roar: The New Conservative Woman Speaks Out". The book is about her experiences as a conservative woman and mother. [20]

Personal Life

Scottie Nell is married to Chris Hughes, Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee Member and homebuilding founder of Hughes-Edwards Builders. Chris was previously Sumner County Commissioner. The couple have two young children 5-year-old Houston and 4-year-old Alexandria Lynn. Scottie Nell was named Citizen of the Year for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee in 2011 as well as Member of the Year for the GFWC Woman’s Club. [2]


Scottie is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in broadcast communications/ political science degree, Scottie Nell realized her calling for a life in political journalism at the young age of 12 with her first reporting job as a Kids to Kids Reporter for WKRN-TV (Nashville, TN). She went on to win the top High School Broadcaster Award for the state of Tennessee and the Broadcaster of the year for her college class 3 years in a row. [2]

Television Career

Scottie Nell currently works as a political commentator for CNN and serves as Political Editor at RightAlerts.com. [2]


Scottie Nell has done many interviews in her career as a political commentator. Scottie Nell’s interviews have featured in the Drudge Report, Breitbart, The Blaze, World Net Daily, and The Daily Caller[2]


Scottie Nell has also appeared on many television shows including, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Fox and Friends, America’s Newsroom, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, Your World with Neil Cavuto, America Live with Megyn Kelly, Varney & Co, Lou Dobbs, FBN Markets Now, Justice with Judge Jeanine, Cavuto on Business, CNN’s Piers Morgan, CNN’s Don Lemon, CBS This Morning, Current TV, Rasmussen Reports, CBC, and BBC News[2]


Scottie works as a columnist for Townhall.com, TownhallFinance.com, ChristianPost.com and a contributor to Patriot.TV and PatriotUpdate.com and is a former Poltichick. Most recently, Scottie Nell was named by Right Wing News to their annual Top 20 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media for 2013 and won the 2012 Blog Video of the Year by the National Bloggers Club at this years CPAC. [2]


Bigotry Controversy

On August 29, 2016 Scottie Nell Hughes criticized Hillary Clinton for being bigoted in characterizing all alt-right conservatives as racists. 

“Bigotry, if you look at the definition, it’s about someone who’s small-minded and sits there and directs hate towards a certain group,” she explained. “Hillary Clinton’s speech [attacking alt-right conservatives] was all about hate towards a group that, while my fellow counterpart might consider them to be very racist, it’s the exact opposite.”


“These are God-fearing, baby-loving, gun-toting, military-supporting, school choice-advocating Americans!” Hughes added. “And just because maybe there might be some, a part of a very small fringe group [of white supremacists] that read Breitbart — by sitting there and saying the entire website is white supremacy is kind of ridiculous as saying just because you have people that are anarchists and communists that read the Huffington Post, calling that newspaper establishment, [is like] saying that they’re pro-anarchy and they’re against the United States government.”

She made the comments during a CNN panel discussion TV correspondent Jamil Smith argued that Trump’s hiring of Breitbart chief Steve Bannon showed that GOP presidential campaign was a “rebranding of white supremacy.”

Spanish Controversy 

Scottie Nell Hughes criticized Hillary Clinton's running-mate Tim Kaine  for speaking Spanish during a rally on Friday July 22, 2016 in Miami, Florida.  [5]


“I appreciating him having multi-cultural and speaking Spanish, I think that’s a great idea,” Nell Hughes said. “And we can all bring out our languages. Melania can come out and speak her five different languages as well, but what Mr. Trump did, he spoke in a language that all Americans can understand. That is English!”


Nell Hughes went on to say that Trump’s English is “one good thing” she experienced at the 2016 Republican National Convention this past week. “I didn’t have to get a translator for anything that was going on at the RNC this week. And I’m hoping I’m not gonna have to start brushing up back on my 'Dora the Explorer '  to understand some of the speeches given this week.” [5]

She claimed Kaine’s Spanish was what stuck out to her the most. [5]

Sexism Controversy 

During a CNN panel, Scottie Nell Hughes criticized Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton for her comments at the end of the 2016 Democratic National Convention's second night. She called Hillary's comments sexist. [5][16]

Hillary Clinton, when she was in that room of girls, said if you’re a daughter or if you’re a girl you could be president too. This would have been an excellent opportunity to say, ‘You know what, whether you are a boy or a girl, both of you, my job will be to make sure it’s equally an option for both of you."

Hughes said if women vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman, they are “sexist.”

“That’s the problem. We’ve continued to say we want equality, we want equal but we then tear down one group and tried to build up another. That’s what I heard last night,” she added.

“There was never a glass ceiling. If there was a glass ceiling, we ignored it, we put our time in to it, we’re not here because of a glass ceiling." [5][16]

"Pussy" Controversy

On October 7th, 2016, during a panel discussion on CNN in regards to the Donald Trump lewd comments that leaked, as Ana Navarro used the word "Pussy", Hughes expressed her disagreement of using the word live on the air. Navarro contested Hughes  by saying: "Don't act outraged and offended by me using that word when the man that you're supporting for as saying it". Hughes replied, "I said I was offended by him saying that too."  


The month after, Scottie said Mazel Tov Cocktail when she meant "Molotov cocktail", arousing the ire of many Jews. [26]


Radio Career

Scottie Nell Hughes, established her conservative foundation in the talk radio media.  Having started at the very beginning as the executive producer of the Steve Gill Show in Nashville, TN, Scottie Nell used her early years in radio to learn every element of a successful talk radio program. She eventually accepted roles with several nationally syndicated talk shows like the Rusty Humphries Show, The Michael Berry Show, The Mark Skoda Show and many others. [2]


Scottie has worked on broadcasts for Republican National Conventions as well as Democratic National Conventions (for which she was awarded a Nashville Air Award in 2005). She has covered various national primaries, as well as the The White House and the Pentagon and she was assigned to the White House Press Corps for the 2005 Inauguration. She also was in the first group of radio talk show hosts sent by the  Department of Defense to travel to the frontlines of Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Kuwait as well as the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay[2]


1998 Tennessee Forensics League Broadcasting State Champion
1999-2001 Department of Communication Broadcasting Scholarship Winner
2004 Nashville Air Awards Winner
2013 Blog Bash Video of the Year Winner [4]

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