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Schucks Road is an Americana/Folk band from New York City consisting of Brandon Pfeltz on vocals, guitar, and banjo, and Michael Perrie Jr. on vocals, guitar, and piano. Their blend of Americana music has been described of combining all of the soaring harmonies of The Avett Brothers, the passion of Glen Hansard, the sweetness of John Denver, and the warmth of Josh Ritter with tuneful nostalgia. But that's the boring story.

When Brandon Pfeltz met Mike Perrie Jr. serving time on the chain gang in the red mountains of Maryland, the two immediately hatched a plan for escape. Mike, serving a life term for bank robbery had a family and a home, while Brandon, a free-drifting ragamuffin chained up for prostitution had a beloved dog to look after. One cold night in October, the two escaped from their bondage by painfully gnawing away at their chains using only their teeth and made a run for the border.

​Eventually, the two crossed paths with legend Woody Guthrie, who in exchange for a place on their boxcar, taught them to play the guitar and make shadow puppets. After a fight erupted over a gambling debt and an empty flask of whiskey , the three parted ways. Finally making it home to his family, Mike was dismayed to find that they'd be eaten by a wild black bear. Coincidentally, Brandon soon learned that his dog, his one true love, passed away heroically slaying the bear that had ravaged Mike's wife and children. After a long mourning period filled with sad songs and sappy poetry, they decided to embark on an adventure, setting out from Schucks Road in Maryland, to find some sort of meaning in a world full of heartache. They grew beards in remembrance of their loved ones, and for years, they've made their living traveling from town to town, spreading their songs to any listener that they can, willing or not. [+]
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