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ScarHop born in Venezuela (Valencia) 1990, from the age of 5 took part of the
choir of his school (Maria Montessori) performing parts of the Classic repertoire
(Handel, Beethoven) and popular music (folklore Latino Americano). In 1998 with
8 years old, with his close-knit family to the world of art, literature and
entertainment he moved to Madrid, where with his father (Composer, writer and
sound artist ) collaborated with his voice in electroacoustic pieces and radio plays:
"Round Trip" (France) "House of Terror" (Museo de Arte Reina Sofia - Spain ) ,
"Chipi Chipi engine 27 New York) . ScarHop studied music at the Escuela
Municipal Manuel de Falla (theory and solfeggio ) As Instrument: Trumpet (3
years) making a few concerts with Young Band School. He worked as a voice
performer for the spanish publisher "Beer", performing backing vocals, lyrics and
vocal characterizations and advertising jingles for radio and national T.V. shows.
In 2005 he decided to choose Hip-hop as his musical expression, adopting the stage
name as a pseudonym ScarHop. He realized various performances (concerts,
freestyle battle) around the country. In 2010 was part of the duo "Flow
ConSentido" with Craso M.C. They created a radio show called "Meta rap"
making interviews to the most important spanish rappers like SFDK, Chôjin, DUO
KIE and so. Nowadays he is finishing his first album "Rhyme fighter". As actor
ScarHop made small roles in films such as "Torrente 5" and in advertising spots
such as the "El rap de la educaciónn 2.0" (Educared ) Fundación Telefónica de
España. His music is currently being broadcasted in cities like New York (BTR
radio show "World Hip Hop Music" Dj Crazy Bazarro ), San Francisco ( Dz Nutts
Radio) and Buenos Aires ( South FM World ). [+]
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