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A top producer with H. D. Vest Financial Services, Inc. brokerage services, Dr. Satya Mitra speaks, trains and motivates investment advisors to achieve success in their individual practices and has been honored as a successful mentor and a chapter director by H. D. Vest. Satya competed in the H.D. Vest 2007 Advisor Keynote Speaker competition in San Antonio, TX. Competing against nine other finalists, he was voted the “best” presenter of the event by majority of more than 1000 colleagues. Born in India, Satya Mitra came to the United States in 1976 to pursue a career in biomedical research with a Ph. D. in Biochemistry. Satya started taking tax, accounting and financial planning courses out of curiosity and for his own personal knowledge. Finding them quite interesting, the tax courses in particular, he continued taking additional courses. In 1989, he passed the Special Enrollment Examination conducted by IRS and was licensed to practice tax law professionally. In 1995, Satya started a small tax practice. Satya and his family were surprised when, in 1995, his family priest (The Guru), advised him to quit his career in science and to work full-time on his tax and financial services practice, with a strong commitment to helping people in the community. In 1995, following his Guru’s advice, Satya resigned from his job in biomedical research. Today, Satya is president and owner of The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc. where he focuses his efforts on his business and the people he serves. The business has since grown to two offices, nine employees, and serves nearly 600 clients, by providing solutions to tax and financial planning needs. The story behind his success is inspiring and, says Satya, “Sometimes my wife and I cannot believe it! The little things we have incorporated in our business and lives have made big differences and we are helping a lot of people, as we work to accomplish our goals.” Satya is host of “Tax Talk with Dr. Mitra,” a radio show broadcast on WTAG AM 580 Worcester. He is a Fellow with the National Tax Practice Institute, Washington, DC and, in 1993, became a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor Agent. Satya also is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). TOPICS • Motivating Young Investors to Become Financially Independent • You Can Too! Motivating Financial Professionals to Achieve Success • Motherhood: The Values and Impact on Children in Our Era • Achieving Professional Success and Family Happiness [+]
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