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TANADRA's (Tanya Medina) first self titled EP (2010), was a collaboration with Grammy nominated composer/producer Arun Shenoy. A collaboration between New York and Singapore. "It was my first taste for music collaborations from across the world." The debut EP, TANADRA, would be both Tanya's and Arun breakthrough into the limelight of the music industry. Since it's release, the EP has garnered international attention and positive reviews from music lovers and industry folk from around the world. Tanadra's music has appeared on the 2012 GRAMMY Awards® ballots across various categories such as Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rock Song, Rock Performance, and Musical Arrangement.

The Music Video in support of “Danny” - the lead track on the EP, shot and directed in Poland by mega team Grupa 13, whose worked many times with the mega band "Behemoth" has reached over 100,000 views on Youtube and growing. “Danny" has won 1st place in Ourstage.com Hard Rock Music Video Contest and has been one of Ourstage.com's Top 40 artists. TANADRA has been on quite a few Terrestrial and Internet Radio Stations throughout the US and UK in regular rotation. Winning featured spots and contests. Tanadra & Arun Shenoy put out a follow up single 'Bored Very Easily' (2011)

Another collaboration merged between TANADRA and Composer/Producer Michael Tobin. TANADRA's single 'Release You' (2012), produced by Michael Tobin, which gravitates more towards the alternative rock sound. Their follow up single 'Not Alone' will be released December 2012. “I was extremely proud of Tanadra when we released it, and Bored Very Easily, Release You and Not Alone, and I still love them, but I think I was using mostly one musical technique throughout,” explains frontwoman Tanya Medina. We blew through the songs in a safe way." "They sound amazing then and I believe we're we all ( Arun, Michael, and myself) are today, as far as growth and experience, if we continue our collaborations there is no telling how far we can take this.

TANADRA(Tanya Medina) joined forces with two talented musician friends, Johan de Swart (Drums), and Joseph Scala (Guitar). They supported TANADRA's music at shows and events, as well as rehearsing in the studio just about everyday since their formation, working day and night, literally, on new material. Together the band has created an updated sound, bringing a more aggressive/yet epic sound, irresistible guitar hooks, and creative songwriting by marrying inspiration from some of their influences. (Coheed and Cambria, Muse, Pink Floyd, Mumford and Sons,)They've deemed the direction of their music as epic. (Funk, Alternative, Soul, Progressive, and Pop Rock ) The trio has discussed and decided that being they have evolved from the hardrock/juggernaut TANADRA that it would be only fair that the band have a name that suited the trio as a whole. They've adopted the name SanzEnd. Don't worry TANADRA will be stick be rocking the waves. Tanya has decided to take TANADRA on the level of collaboration. Making music with the talented indie artist from around the world. "I have so much more of an appreciation now for the international musicians and their interpretations of the different genres of music. We’ve taken everything we can do and stretched it in both directions,” Tanya says. “This new upcoming record goes from one song that’s just vocal and melodies that are the lowest and softest I’ve ever sung all the way up to the highest notes I’ve ever done.”

"The three of us are working together more now, so we’re really gelling better than ever. We’re really excited with how far we’ve gotten with this new music, and we can’t wait to see where we can go in the future. It feels like there are no rules or boundaries, and that’s the ultimate freedom." We've already put together a 5 song demo on our SanzEnd facebook page and have played quite a few live shows and have already been talked about as our sound has such a unique and EPIC feel. [+]
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