Sanwa (Japanese: 三和) might refer to:


  • Sanwa, Hiroshima, a former town in Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Miwa, Hiroshima, a former town in Hiroshima Prefecture (different romanization but same Japanese name)
  • Sanwa, Ibaraki, a town in Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Sanwa, Nagasaki, a former town in Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Sanwa, Niigata, a former village in Niigata Prefecture
  • Sanwa, slang for "San Joaquin Valley", California (e.g., Gemma Teller Morrow uses the term frequently in Sons of Anarchy, e.g., in season 7, episodes 3 "Playing With Monsters" and 5 "Some Strange Eruption")


  • Sanwa Bank, a Japanese bank now part of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Sanwa Electronic, a Japanese company manufacturing radio-controlled model transmitters
  • Sanwa Denshi (video game), a Japanese company
  • Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd., a Japanese company manufacturing multitesters
  • Sanwa Group, a former keiretsu, or business group