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For over two decades, Sandy Spin Slade was considered one of the best basketball handlers on the planet performing for thousands at NBA half-times, schools and special events throughout the world. As the aging process progressed, Sandy realized she needed to transition to a career that was less physically demanding, yet something she was equally passionate about. Wanting all children to have a positive experience being physically active, she created Skillastics®, a series of oversized board games that develop children’s fitness and sport skills. Skillastics is now in over 20,000 schools, after school programs, and community-based organizations throughout the country, and distributed in Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore. In 11 years she has created 12 Skillastics Activity Kits, written two books, and has produced 3 instructional videos. She is an active member of the Society of Health and Physical Education (SHAPE), the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and is on the Advisory Board for the California Women’s Conference. Additionally, her business was one of twelve small businesses throughout the country that were awarded the $250,000 Chase/LivingSocial in 2012 out of more than 77,000 applicants. Sandy will be launching her newest product, Fitivities™, The Game That Moves You, at the California Women’s Conference in May. This exciting new game focuses on families and friends having fun being active together. [+]
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