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Sandy Karn has been in the personal and professional development field for over 40 years. She specializes in implementing Disc Assessments. She is an assessment broker implementing proven online self-assessments used in training and consulting. She has over 1000 independent speakers, trainers, consultants and entrepreneurs who are her affiliates in a unique Network Human Resource System. This group of professionals delivers speaking, training and consulting services primarily in North America as well as many other key locations around the globe. If clients want to increase their performance, productivity, and profitability in their corporations, associations, service organizations or their own independent small company or self, they can reap the benefit of Sandy's expertise and her affiliate resources. Sandy's background brings a lot of expertise to her clients. Since graduating with a teaching degree from Purdue University, she has been affiliated in numerous ways with adult education. She served as Director of the Board of the National Speakers Association during it's inception year and was re-elected. She started with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant when they started their distribution system of audio and video personal and professional development materials in the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. She served as VP of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Sales and Marketing Executives Association. She was the first person to become a Field Manager in Inscape Publishing, publishers of the Performax Learning Materials. Her organization has led the way in their domestic productivity since its beginning in 1978. Sandy feels what really counts today are the ways she helps people get the results they need and want for themselves. She very simply is a Results Specialist and helps people wherever she goes to experience more results in happiness, harmony and joy along with profits resulting in both their personal and professional life. [+]
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