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Sandra Jane 'Sandy' Hankin was a Pimp​ from Manchester​, England, who owned the Sandy's Superstars brothels alongside her husband, Christopher Mark Hankin and Adrian Burch​, prior to a raid by Greater Manchester Police​ in November 2016 which resulted in her arrest and the end of her illegal vice operations.[4]​ 


Hankin established the first Sandy's Superstars brothel in 2001, located at 464 Bury Old Road, Prestwich​ and in 2003 opened a second brothel at 375 Palatine Road, Northenden​. The Northenden brothel faced fierce opposition from local residents, with the Northenden Civic Society campaigning for the brothel to be closed in it's early years of operation.[5]


Local Christian activist Richard Carvath also acted as opposition to Hankin and her business, filming clients entering and leaving the brothels as part of his 'Brothel Watch' campaigns[6]​ and regularly complaining to the Police[7]​.


On 15 November 2016, Sandy's Superstars was raided by Police and closed down. Hankin appeared in court in January 2018 faced with charges of keeping brothels and Money laundering​.[2]​ Her daughter, Sarah, is also facing charges for her role in the operation.


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