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Sammi Rotibi is a Nigerian-born American Actor best known for his recurring role as Eben, a leader of Witch Hunters responsible for the slaughter on the night of the Boatyard Fire, in the supernatural drama series The Secret Circle[3]


Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa he traveled back forth between his home country and London. He attended school in Nigeria, LondonLos Angeles, and Miami[7]


He was randomly discovered as a teen by a Casting agent while working as a Bank clerk. He was given the chance to be in the last episode of Miami Vice[9]


He has since worked for various Television Productions in England and also in Los Angeles[9][3]


He was a part of the cast of the Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained. He was in crutches when he went into the audience, and other actors felt he would never get the role, but Quentin called him back for a few more takes. He decided to give him the role. [7]


The first time he heard the racist "N" word was in Miami and he felt shocked by it that it affected him. He dedicates himself to eradicating stereotypes and wants to be a part of a movement before he dies. [8]


He enjoys Salsa musicClassic rock, and Classical music[8]

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