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At age ten, Sam Marine got his first guitar - a Silvertone Shredder. His parents, both in their mid-20’s when Sam was born, kept their Vero Beach, Florida, home full of music - everything from Marvin Gaye to The Rolling Stones to Merle Haggard. Yet it was J. Mascis’ guitar solo on “Out There” that ultimately inspired the young Sam to pick up the instrument and learn to play. Eight years later, in 2002 at age 18, Sam moved back to his birthplace of Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville, also the hometown of one of Sam’s idols, Tom Petty, had a great music scene. Sam began living with his brother and playing in his brother’s band, Apollo Quartet.

On tour with Apollo Quartet, the band played Trash Bar and CBGB's in New York. Although the shows were disappointing, Sam had a great time in the city. In 2007, he quit Apollo Quartet and packed his bags to pursue a music career in New York City. However, the songs didn’t come so easily. Sam lived in Brooklyn for three years enduring the confusion and adaptation that occurs in one’s mid-20’s, especially after moving from a small town to a global mecca. Finally, after these formative years, Sam began writing his debut album which would eventually become known as Lacktown.

Sam came up with the term Lacktown when he was trying to describe an average small town in any part of the world. The songs on the album came to him over the span of a year, with a few exceptions written in-studio at Headgear Recording in Brooklyn. The other members of the band - Keith Haman, Alex Lipson, Wes Buckley, Bruce Reed, and Marcus Ulrich - were all friends with Sam before recording, but at Headgear they decided to call themselves “...and County.” Mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Drive-By Truckers, The Hold Steady), mastered by Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Lennon), and featuring members of Phosphorescent (Scott Stapleton, Chris Marine, Jesse Anderson Ainslie), Lacktown is a model of straightforward, classic rock and roll, with the perfect amount of country, folk, and blues. Look for the album out early 2013, and watch for Sam on tour this March. [+]
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