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A fascinating and dynamic personality, Bodi is an accomplished singer/songwriter, film and television music composer, chazzan, and music entrepreneur. His recent music media projects include composing and supervising the music for the feature film "Civic Duty" (starring Peter Krause), producing 12 original tracks for Fox Sports (primarily for Major League Baseball and sports highlights), and composing commercial spots for Insight Communications. As Spicerack Music & Publishing's CEO, Bodi manages an all-star team of musical composers, artists, producers, and licensing experts that provide full service music solutions for film, television and advertising clients and brands. http://www.spicerackmusic.com/. His industry experience also includes Sony Music (Market Research), ESRB (online/business strategy), Mirimax (legal/contracts), and digital music consulting for MGI Media and several indie labels. He is a frequent panelist and guest speaker at music industry functions. Bodi also manages and directs BSAMIM Productions, a NY based music performance company that provides orchestras, vocal ensembles, and the BSAMIM Band for concerts, corporate dinners, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and special events. Bsamim was the featured entertainment at both the JNF National Dinner honoring Ronald Lauder and the JNF New York Region's annual dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. BSAMIM has shared the stage with Matisyahu, Leslie West, and several other industry icons. They perform nationally and have 2 internationally selling CDs. http://www.bsamim.com/. In addition to Bsamim, Bodi frequently performs as both a guest chazzan and solo artist (piano/vocals). Bodi received his JD/MBA in Media Management from Fordham University, his BA in Political Science from Yeshiva University, and has attended The Juilliard School (Music Theory), Mannes College of Music (Digital Sequencing), and Columbia School of International & Public Affairs (Human Rights). He currently resides in New York City. [+]
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