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Ryan Carter (born December 2, 1991) is an American recording artist, writer, producer, investor, and designer[6][4][7][11]. He is known for his parody hip-hop albums, Ryan Carter began his music career underground with homemade CDs distributed by himself. In 2013, Ryan Carter independently released his first full-length album "Welcome to Planet Earth: Grand [Schemes] and Bad [Dreams]"[12]. His debut was followed by "Welcome to Planet Earth 2: Supreme [Machines] and Devolved [Monsters]" (2014)[13] , "Mind of the Court Jester" (2015)[14] , "The Exaggerated Tales Of..." (2016)[16] , "Nightmares in America" (2017)[17] , and "The Doctorate" (2018)[21]​.


Early life

Carter was born in Detroit, Michigan[4] . 


Business ventures


In 2012, Carter started his own entertainment/master-brand company Crazyone-Worldwide[18] . Carter also created Crazyone Studios[20] under his Crazyone-Worldwide umbrella. In 2015, Carter started his own men's clothing and footwear line called Ryan Carter Wear under his newly created Crazyone Designs label[19] . Carter has expressed interest in entering the beverage industry in the future with a potential soda line.

Personal life

Carter has expressed his support for the Democratic Party. 


  • Welcome to Planet Earth: Grand [Schemes] and Bad [Dreams] (2013)[12]
  • Welcome to Planet Earth 2: Supreme [Machines] and Devolved [Monsters] (2014)[13]
  • Mind of the Court Jester (2015)[14]
  • The Prequel Before The Tales (Mixtape 2015)[15]
  • The Exaggerated Tales Of... (2016)[16]
  • Nightmares in America (2017)[17]
  • Graduate Thesis (EP 2017)[22][23]
  • The Doctorate (2018)[21]
  • Ryan Carter Presents... Space Between Thoughts vol. 1 (2018)

Awards and nominations

2015The Akademia Music AwardsBest Album - Rap/Hip-Hop[9]Mind of the Court JesterWon
2016The Global Music Awards


Best Hip-Hop Album[8]
Best Lyrics/Songwriter[8]
Best Album[8]
Best Artwork/Graphics[8]
Best Concept[8]
The Exaggerated Tales Of...


2017The Akademia Music AwardsBest Album - Rap/Hip-Hop[24]Nightmares in AmericaWon                                     
2017The Global Music AwardsBest Hip-Hop Album​Nightmares in AmericaWon                       
2017The Global Music AwardsBest Lyrics/Songwriter​Nightmares in AmericaWon                       
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