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Rusty Wright's musical sensibilities are firmly entrenched in the realm of contemporary rock-tinged blues yet his impeccable guitar work also hints of iconic blues legends like the late Freddy King, demonstrating a style honed by time while still embodying the exuberance and playfulness of a fearless youngster. Rather than regenerating the old, deep grooves that have become ruts, Wright and his terrific band moves the music along nicely in the 21st century, tapping into the muse and spirit of the classic Southern blues rock bands to deliver an adrenalized fusing of Texas and Chicago style blues and swing, spiced with a pinch or two of Southern rock, and delivered with just the right amount of Detroit swagger.

The Rusty Wright Band has earned international recognition for both their live performances and their distinctive “bluescentric” sound, which writer Larry Juchartz characterized this way in his Wildeboomerz music blog: “Imagine a sonic suitcase filled with the best of Gary Moore, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band, Bonnie Raitt, and a little Fabulous Thunderbirds, shaken and stirred so that all of them become the foundation for a whole new sound to be built upon. Open the suitcase and then stand back, because that sound, its range, and the wallop it packs will blow you away.”

About 95% of the band’s repertoire consists of original, rock-tinged blues that has been described by the El Paso Times as “a smart collection of adrenalized modern blues that showcases not only Rusty Wright's considerable guitar chops but an obvious ability to fuse blues and rock in a way that draws from the former's traditions and the latter's high voltage power.”

Rusty, the band’s namesake and primary songwriter, draws on his family’s Southern roots and a wealth of Blues, Southern Rock and legendary Blues Rock influences to craft his uniquely ‘bluescentric’ sound that leans on duet-style songs and showcases his flamboyant guitar style & fiery guitar/keyboard improv duels. Wright does an amazing job of creating a signature style and sound all his own that fuses naturally with whatever music it is applied to. [+]
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