RSVP might refer to:


Science and technology

Other uses

  • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, a volunteerism promotion by Senior Corps
  • RSVP, an Australian dating site owned by Fairfax Media
  • RSVP (board game)
  • RSVP (1991 film), a short film directed by Laurie Lynd
  • R.S.V.P. (film), a 2002 horror film
  • "R.S.V.P.", a song by Nesian Mystik from their 2008 album Elevator Music
  • "RSVP", a song by HEART from their 1987 album "Bad Animals"
  • "RSVP", a song on the 2011 album 90 Bisodol (Crimond) by Half Man Half Biscuit
  • RSVP: Resolve to Stop Violence Project; a programme to try to help incarcerated prisoners recognise their violent attitudes and change them.