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RoyStar SoundSick is a recording artist out of Los Angeles, CA who possesses an awe inspiring sound loaded with commercial appeal.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL Star has bore witness to the events that have dubbed the city the moniker "Chiraq". In an effort to make way, Star's father moved the family to Minneapolis, MN.

After living in Jacksonville, FL and a brief stint at FCCJ where Star played basketball, Star realized an affinity towards recording arts. After attending the Institute of Production and Recording where he excelled, Star signed a major label group deal through Canorous/Universal with the help and guidance of Detroit Hip Hop Legend Brian "Champtown" Harmon.

With the release and success of his first major label project, Star looks to continue the trend as he has been diligently recording and gearing up for the release of his second major label project. [+]
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