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Born in Cheverly, Md, Ronnie grew up in the hills of Western Maryland and West Virginia. Taking piano lessons from the age of 7 at the grade school he attended, proved to be the foundation for a lifelong love of music. Hymes switched to guitar at age 10, when the family moved from West Virginia to North Carolina. Playing the guitar was not only a way to pass the time, but you'll often hear Ronnie talk about how the guitar kept him off the streets and out of trouble as a teenager. Working as a mechanic at a car dealership, Ronnie attended the local technical school and earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science. Hard work and determination being a strong family value, it wasn't long before Hymes was promoted to shop foreman. The military town that Ronnie worked in became a ghost town when Operation Desert Storm broke out in 1990, and making a living turning wrenches became a weekly struggle to earn enough money to feed his new family. The promise of a steady paycheck and good benefits made it an easy decision to go to work at the local Tire Factory, where his dad and two brothers worked. Being a factory worker and raising a family helped him to realize his roots and where he came from. Never putting down the guitar, Ronnie was always playing in local bands around his home town. But just like in the Merle Haggard song, Hymes had those "Working Man Blues". In early 2009, he recorded a 5 song EP that, with the help of YouTube and MySpace, made its mark in Underground Country Music. With the release of his self produced full length album "UnIncorporated" in 2010, and great reviews from the likes of "SavingCountryMusic.com", Ronnie Hymes has shown he is a driving force in today's Honky Tonk Country Music Scene. He has shared the stage with many great artist in his genre, including good friends and fellow musicians Lucky Tubb, J.B. Beverley, Hellbound Glory, Bob Wayne, Billy Don Burns, and many, many more. Since releasing his "UnIncorporated" album, Ronnie has been backed by a rotating band of musicians called "Carolina Freight". Some of the Freight members over the years have been Jukebox Hank on doghouse bass, Tim Shearer on lead guitar, Casey Gill on doghouse bass, Will Owen Gage on lead guitar, Frank Ehlinger on doghouse bass, Buck Thrailkill on banjo, J.B. Beverley on lead guitar, Polecat Fisher on harmonica, and Zachary Sweeney on lead guitar. Whether he is performing solo, or with Carolina Freight, Ronnie's live show is packed with enough energy to power a small town, and is one you won't soon forget. In late 2011, while in the studio with Frank Ehlinger and Buck Thrailkill to record his new album, Ronnie and the guys revisited some of the songs from the "UnIncorporated" album. You can feel the energy in the room as they pound out the sounds which became the latest incarnation of Carolina Freight on the January 2012 EP, "5 Tracks". His latest full length album "Just a Workin' Man" was released in August 2012, again with Ehlinger and Thrailkill laying down the sounds of the Freight. Mixed and mastered at Rebel Roots studio by J.B. Beverley, who also co-wrote a song and performed on the record, this album speaks straight to the heart of the working man, and is a must have for any true fan of the roots music scene. So what's next for Ronnie Hymes? ...Only Tomorrow will tell. But one thing is for sure, Ronnie Hymes is a real deal Honky Tonker who knows how to make it happen.

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