Ron-Karr is a DC Comics supervillain, and an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He first appeared in Adventure Comics #314 (November 1963).

Fictional character biography

Ron-Karr appears in only one panel in his first appearance. He is a native of the planet Neptune, who has the ability to flatten his body. His application for Legion membership is rejected, as his power is considered "too unusual." His name is spelled "Ronn Kar" for this appearance only.

He joins the Legion of Super-Villains throughout the five part war between the two Legions in the 1980s Legion of Super-Heroes series. He wasn't that helpful.

He eventually redeems himself when he joins the Legion of Substitute Heroes, whose 1985 special he was referred to in, in their fight against the Dominators' control of Earth.

Powers and abilities

Ron-Karr has the ability to make his body extremely flat. He still maintains the ability to move and breathe while in this form.

In additional media


  • Ron-Karr appears in the animated Legion of Super-Heroes television series, voiced by Shawn Harrison. He is seen as a member of Lightning Lord's Light Speed Vanguard group. Unlike his comic book version, the animated Ron-Karr is a shapeshifter and even rivalled Chameleon Boy in "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2. While under the employ of Imperiex, he was tricked into believing he was Superman, which made him question why he was a villain. He wound up betraying Imperiex and helped the Legion stop the missiles headed for Durla, Chameleon Boy's home planet.