Robeez Footwear is a soft-soled baby shoe company that manufactures over 70 different children shoe designs. Robeez is headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and is a division of Stride Rite Corp.

Origins and history

The Robeez baby shoe company was started by Sandra Wilson in the basement of her Vancouver, Canada home. While being a stay-at-home-mom after a recent layoff, Wilson was unable to find baby shoes that would stay on her son’s feet properly, she came up with an idea for a pair of soft-soled leather booties that wouldn't slip off. The suede non-slip sole allowed her toddler, named Robert, to walk without sliding and the elastic ankle band ensured the shoes didn't easily fall off. The inspiration for the Robeez name came from her son. The Robeez company was purchased by the Stride Rite Corporation for $27.5 million in September 2006.

Robeez Gecko Design