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Richard Carvath is a BritishChristian​ Conservative​ political activist and blogger​ from Manchester​.


Carvath stood as an Independent candidate​ in the Salford and Eccles​ constituency during the 2010 UK General Election​, garnering 384 votes, 0.9% of the final result.[2]​ His campaign was highly controversial, with him being referred to as 'possibly the most bigoted candidate in Britain' by Sunny Hundal​ due to his comments on homosexuality​.[4]​ He was reported to the police over comments he made about rival candidate Matthew Sephton in a blog post which were deemed to be homophobic.[3][5]


Carvath is a strong opponent of prostitution​ and has engaged in activism against many illegal Manchester​ brothels and pimps, the most notable target being the Sandy's Superstars brothels and their owners, Adrian Burch​ and Sandra Hankin. Carvath regularly filmed clients leaving the Sandy's brothels as part of a campaign called 'Brothel Watch'.[6]​ He published two dossiers related to the method in which Greater Manchester Police​ handled the issue of illegal brothels within the city, with him referring to the force as 'institutionally corrupt'.[7][8]​ However, the brothels in question were eventually raided by GMP in 2016, with Burch and Hankin currently facing criminal charges.[9]


Carvath has campaigned for free speech​ rights, one example being Mike Overd, a Tauntonstreet preacher​ who faced criminal charges due to statements he made on Homosexuality​ and Islam​ whilst preaching.[10][11]​ He also stood against the prosecution of a Jewish​ woman, Linda Jones, who was found guilty of a hate crime against two young Muslim​ men in 2015.[14]

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