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Bridging talent, passion and genius from unlikely corners, Resident Stone fits together like a hand in glove and delivers a high energy music experience, making for an incredible show! The ebb and flow of this high energy dynamic is unlike anything traditional rock fans have heard in a long time. Just ask their loyal fan base, coming out in droves to hear this riff driven, gritty, “in your face” Rock and Roll band since 2010.
Lead singer, Rob Stone, weaves a story like no other, drawing the listener in to experience heartfelt lyrics that deal with real life situations. Rick Land, lead guitarist, offers up piercing pinch harmonics and shredding leads while rhythm guitarist, Rebel Somers, functions as the catalyst behind their haunting, melodic harmonies. Just in case anyone wonders, the musical sparring between Rebel and Rick onstage simply reflects a unique and distinguishing aspect of their performance. Add the intense depth of the 5 string bass of Samuel Ross to the mix with the “no holds bar” drumming sensation of Andrew (Shenanigans) Clark, and the Resident Stone experience sears the brain of its audience, leaving them to crave more.
A seemingly chance meeting in the spring of 2009 spearheaded this creative adventure of ideas, lyrics and melodies, breathing life into what has evolved today as Resident Stone. Readily apparent to both Rob Stone and Rick Land, this chance meeting was no accident. Both believed they were brought together for something greater than themselves. Each shares a common passion for music whose roots sprouted during childhood. Rob sang as he learned to speak and Rick’s uncanny natural talent on the guitar emerged at the early age of 7, resulting in the dynamic birth of this band.
One can find anything on Craig’s List and that statement is also true for Resident Stone’s drummer. After several failed auditions for drummers, it was clear that finding a good one might be harder than they imagined. So, Rob and Rick decided to advertise for a drummer on Craig’s List and within a week, Andrew (Shenanigans) Clark responded. According to Rick, Andrew came in, sat down and played through their entire first song, never having heard it before. Rob and Rick then looked at each other and said, “We have our drummer!” Andrew, who has played drums since the age of 16, possesses an unrivaled passion for music, and delivers the perfect spark of raw energy for this hard driving, gritty, Rock and Roll band.
The self-proclaimed hippie, Samuel Ross, rounds out the rhythm section as he infuses his rich, deep 5 string bass delivering a wall of sound that creates a rhythmic foundation for the band. Sam’s creative passion is markedly evident in many of Resident Stone’s signature songs. Last but certainly not least is the quiet genius of Rebel Somers who met and worked with Rick on guitar teaching gigs. When he asked Rebel to join the band, Rick immediately knew that she was the final collaborative piece for Resident Stone.
Resident Stone represents pure genius, a musical alchemy delivered with a passion and fire like no other designed to rock its audience! Resident Stone loves what they do and they do what they love. Honored to play for others, their greatest desire for their audience would be to love the Resident Stone listening experience as much as they love making it happen. For them, the fans and the music are what this is all about. [+]
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