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She is turning 30’s into the new age to embark on a musical career. With a number of musical accomplishments in the past decade; ranging from theatrical performances, college coffee house stints, and nearly a lifetime of music ministry in the church scene, she is finally taking her skills into the singer-songwriter avenue. Since October, six songs have been completed and she is working on writing as many as she can in the weeks and months to come.

The last song she wrote was two years ago, for a guy she used to spend time recording with, called “Three Days.” Before that the last song she wrote was for her mom right before cancer took her life in 1997. She sang that song at her mom’s funeral and put the lyrical pen and artistic ideas to rest until 2008.

From an early age, she was engrossed in piano lessons and involved in church choirs and singing ensembles. Numerous piano teachers told her that she exhibited skill in her craft but lacked “passion” and “heart.” Things that weren’t said of her last two local performances at Bull Branch and Mangia or her regular gig at Jimmy's on the James.

“Music comes from the heart; and performing it is like sharing a part of your soul.” The goal is for the audience to feel something meaningful and qualitative; to leave them with something more than they had before they came.

Renee’s influences are broad; having grown up listening to 50’s/60s and folk music, to developing a love of electronic music in high school, to her Canadian counterparts: Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan. She has aspirations to remix many of the songs that are currently performed acoustically; as she can hear the drive of a beat that would take her current sound to new places.

It’s one thing to talk about life and the things you’ve experienced in any given day, it’s a whole other animal to take that and put it to lyrical composition, melodic arrangement, and turn it into art.

Performing around Viriginia, Renee Ruth solo's at various venus and performs full production gigs with her Band: Renee Ruth and the Band. [+]
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