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Reginald 'Reggie' Fields is a​ 12 year-old African American​ kid from Ohio​ who offers the service of Lawn mowing​ and other odd jobs in his community. [1][2]​ He has garnered support from people around the United States​ after a viral video shows how a neighbor called the cops on him for mowing the wrong lawn. [3][4]


Reginald 'Reggie' Fields holding a leaf blower.

In late June, 2018, a neighbor whose lawn Fields cut by mistake called the police on the boy as retribution for his mistake. [5]​ Another neighbor, Lucille Holt, caught footage of the incident on her phone, which has since gone viral. [6]



Fields was born in the state of Ohio and currently lives in the city of Maple Heights​. [7]​ His mother's name is Brandy Marie Fields. He is very close with other members of his family, including his cousins. [8][9]


Reggie Boyz Lawn Service 

Fields, along with his cousins operate a Lawn mowing​ business where they offer to cut their neighbor's yards. They have received support with many people around the community lending a hand by gifting them with equipment they need for their services. [9]


Facebook video of Reginald Fields. 

In The Media

Wrong Neighbor

On June 23rd, 2018, Fields and his cousins where doing a job on their neighbor's yard, Lucille Holt, when the police arrived because Fields had cut another neighbor's yard by mistake. [10]​ Fields had been cutting Lucille's yards along with his cousins when he continued cutting on another part that did not belong to Lucille's property. The neighbor whose Fields cut then called the cops. [11]


Lucille began documenting when the police arrived. She took footage on Facebook live. The video has since gone viral with more than 240,000 views. [12][13]

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