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Born Derrick Avent, Rebel Skylarker is an American rapper born in Newark, NJ and raised in Blakely, GA. He released his debut album ‘I Think I’m Signed’ under his own Rebel Crew Label and with little outside advertisement, the album reached a exceptional 97,000 plays on indie website Mixconnect. Rebel Skylarker’s provocative, militant lyrics have not only set him apart as an up and coming artist in Atlanta, but has made him an undoubted contender in the Music industry.


R.E.B.E.L.S World Vol. 1: Don't Be A Target - Hosted by DJ Azul OUT NOW! (2014)

I Think I’m Signed (2011) – Over 97,000 hits on Mixconnect

Walking Prodigies (2012) – Reb Skylarker & DreamWorkMusic collaborated to release an exclusive album only available at iTunes & Spotify.

Chucks ‘N Blades. Vol. 1 (2012) – Mixtape Monopoly Presents: Chucks ‘N Blades Vol. [Chucks Ed] Hosted by DJ Outtaspace

G.L.O.W Tape (2012) – G.L.O.W Tape was released under Raekwon’s DJ, DJ Symphony’s official website, Mixtapezilla. Album is now available exclusively at Soundcloud.

Reb Skylarker has been featured in over 200+ blogs sites including but not limited to VLAD TV, This Is 50, ViewHipHop, HHS1987, CISE TV and DeadEndHipHop. Reb Skylarker can be seen in online magazine featured articles such as Urb Society Magazine as well as Music Connectz Magazine; an online publication site based in Atlanta. Live broadcasts in six different states in the country has delivered Reb Skylarker a fan base not only in Atlanta but in many populous states like Florida, California, New York, Texas and Pennslyvania. Radio interviews includes, Occupy The Hood Radio, NGA Radio, Back Street Radio, MOC Radio, The DJ Cisco Show as well as other independent radio outlets around the country. Reb Skylarker's SMASH SINGLE, "D.S.G.B" can be heard on Tampa Mystic's XTRAX.FM radio station and other independent stations such as Gangstaville Radio, Two22 Radio and other stations across the world.

In 2012, Reb Skylarker joined forces with an internet based radio station based in Atlanta, GA called NGA Radio. (Nex Generation Atlanta). NGA Radio is the official home radio station for Reb Skylarker. All exclusive content, music and interviews from Reb Skylarker can be found on NGA Radio's home website, www.ngaradio.org. Also, Reb Skylarker reached out to independent fashion designer Terrance Ball to become the crew's first clothing sponsor. Styles by TBALL Tees can be found in Reb Skylarker's photoshoots, interviews & live performances over the past year.

Reb Skylarker's mission objective is to promote "Peace & Skyscrapers" throughout the worst cities in America. Knowlede, Attitude & Leadership are a big part of our campaign and we thrive off the motivation of our community uniting on one accord. This will be best achieved through community services, fundraisers and benefit concerts. Peace & Skyscraper is not only a movement but its also a way of life. "Peace & Skyscrapers is as close as Heaven that you will get on Earth." -Reb Skylarker

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