Ray might refer to:

Arts and entertainment


Fictional characters

  • Ray Barone, main character in the American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Ray Donovan, main character in the American TV drama series Ray Donovan
  • Father Ray Mukada, priest character in the American TV drama series Oz
  • Ray, a protagonist in Ray the Animation, a science fiction anime television series
  • Ray, a main character in the Canadian television series Rusty Rivets
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel, a video game character from Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Ray (comics), a DC Comics character





United States

Other countries

Science and mathematics

  • Ray (geometry), half of a line proceeding from an initial point
  • Ray (graph theory), an infinite sequence of vertices such that each vertex appears at most once in the sequence and each two consecutive vertices in the sequence are the two endpoints of an edge in the graph
  • Ray (optics), an idealised narrow beam of light
  • Ray (quantum theory), an equivalence class of state-vectors representing the same state.




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