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For over a decade, Prps Goods & Co. has been churning out some of the most coveted denim in the world. Founder Donwan Harrell’s designs are traditional but with a twist: innovative, but still familiar; authentic, but current. In his unending quest to perfect the art of denim, he finds his reward in the challenge of matching the authenticity of denim pioneers with enough innovation to make it his own. Prps denim is woven from hand-harvested Zimbabwean cotton prized for its pliability, high luster, and excellent dying capabilities. Using a traditional Japanese process, this cotton is turned into a naturally proportioned slub yarn and then into a garment that has been manually treated for a vintage look with a touch of artistry. Through endless research, carefully selected cotton, and superior craftsmanship, PRPS has built some of the best jeans in the world. Prps shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and jackets are created with the same meticulous standards as its denim, and no detail, no matter how minute, goes overlooked. Since the brand’s inception, Prps has to never lost sight of quality or settled for less than perfection, and the designer’s involvement in each step of the production process—from concept to completion—ensures the authenticity and quality each and every garment. As a leader in the denim industry, Prps aims to provide the highest level of quality while ensuring their products can be lived in and stand the test of time. Prps jeans: Bruised, Never Broken. [+]
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