Priscilla is an English female given name adopted from the Roman Prisca, derived from the Latin priscus. One suggestion is that it is intended to bestow long life on the bearer.

It appears in the New Testament of the Christian Bible variously as Priscilla and Prisca, a female leader in the early Church. The name appears in English literature in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene (1596) and was adopted as an English name by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. The use of the name began to decline throughout the 1960s, possibly because of an association with the slang term prissy, in the sense of meaning prim or prudish.

Diminutive forms of the name include Lily, Cilla, Pris, Prissy, Prisk, Pru/Prue and Scilla.

Priscilla might refer to:

Prisca might refer to: