is an online classified ads and community website based in the UK. Ads can be paid for or free depending on the exposure desired. It has hundreds of thousands of active ads in over 500 categories. In 2012, it was ranked second in the UK for classified ads by Hitwise. Up until being purchased by The Hut Group in 2014, Preloved was the largest independent classified ads site in the UK. Preloved was created initially for second-hand and vintage items, although it has become in recent years one of the largest sites for advertising pets, horses and livestock. In 2013, it recorded over 1.1 billion page views on its advert pages.


Founded in 1998 by Ian Buzer, Preloved was started off as a hobby to supplement his addiction to visiting junk shops, car boot sales and buying all things second hand.

In 2013, Preloved launched National Secondhand Day in the UK, celebrating the culture of buying and selling used goods.

In March 2014, Moo Ltd, which was the operator of, was bought by The Hut Group.

In July 2015, Preloved launched its first ever mobile app for iOS focused on Apple's iPhone market. An Android version was launched on 3 November 2015.

Pricing structure

Preloved is free to use for both buyers and sellers in all categories. Ads which have been created in the last twelve days are initially reserved only for upgraded buyers, but they become available to all after the twelve days are up. For business sellers, Preloved requires users to maintain a monthly business membership.