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In the wild mountains just outside of Music Mecca Asheville, North Carolina live a trio of teenage siblings with old souls and retro hair. From down, down in a basement littered with guitars (lots of guitars), amps, mics, recording equipment, etc, comes loud, primal music for the ages. These kids play rock and roll music the way it used to be played, out of Les Pauls and Strats, Precision and Hofner Basses, straight up and punchy. Start with the Beatles and the Stones, layer in some David Bowie and Mott the Hoople, then maybe stir in some Guns and Roses or T-Rex. Voila--Posh Hammer! But they make it all their own: Navied's lyrics and lead work combined with Tasnim's astonishing vocals, held together with Tiam's smooth basslines and subtle harmonies, gives Posh Hammer it's own sound and it's own vibe. Derivative? Of course. Unique? Absolutely! Fun? Way too much . . .

Posh Hammer has made a career in music their top priority, even convincing their parents to homeschool them to give them the time needed to seriously pursue their dreams. Writing their own music and playing multiple instruments, this band is the real thing, the kind of music we are missing in today's electronic world.
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