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Pop-Kiss Chainsaw hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, USA comprised of four road veterans playing what they define as southern slam, with a power groove or as PKC would put it "Down home, back woods, blunt force trauma. PKC is quite infectious to the listener, begging for your soul to move to the groove. Pop-Kiss Chainsaw while shopping for a deal is working on the live show and writing new material to follow up the "Pucker Up" CD. These guys do not rest. They are developing and implementing a web presence and an online marketing strategy according to a well thought out business plan. Yes, I mean to say they are pushing forward on their own not to be detoured from their music career. After getting to know PKC this week I certainly understand the press given to this band for example:

"This band certainly has what it takes to deliver. "Eddy Metal - Louisville Music News

“I am blown away, I would buy your album” Jeffrey Vice - Canopy Music Group, Nashville

"An explosive and powerful new band!" AXE - 107.3 The Point

Troy Ford (drummer - bandleader) from Compton, California, put together Pop-Kiss Chainsaw in 2011 with a line up that quickly gained notoriety in their area and established the name; Pop-Kiss Chainsaw. The band quickly grew in popularity and Troy had to hire other players as the band was still evolving. This evolution led to the joining of forces with Marty Triplett (lead vocals) from Jacksonville, FLA, Brad Bullard (guitars / vocals) from Louisville, KY, Greg Viergutz (bass / vocals) Seattle, Washington. All members are songwriters which makes this group a definite east coast, west coast coalition that offers a very fresh, exciting and extremely identifiable sound. This line up is a no nonsense business minded group of veterans that is hell bent on succeeding in the music business. PKC sets themselves apart from the rest by having a great non-stop stage show, a fantastic appealing catalog of music, PKC not only has a great unmistakable look but they have an awesome rock and roll aura second to none.

PKC continues to open up for national acts show after show climbing their way to national and international success with many hours of sweat, blood and determination that borders insanity. PKC Has finished the new CD "Hidden From Sight" and is set to release it very soon for 2015.

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