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The album "Goners," which came out in May of 2013 launched the band 'Pleistocene' in a wild and unexpected direction. What started out as bedroom tapes recorded by Pleistocene's front woman, Katie Preston, soon came to life in full band form. Preston's recording process was solitary and reflective of a summer spent in Brooklyn. Her experiences seem almost fated to be put to song. BuffaBLOG's staff writer Brandon Flake puts it this way: "There is a strong personal arc to these recordings, indicating that Preston is either a world-class storyteller or completely unafraid of sharing parts of herself other musicians might shy away from.There is a reflective quality to the lyrics, but zero navel-gazing. It’s all left vague enough to allow you to see parts of yourself in her songs."

After the release of 'Goners,' Preston took to the clubs of Rochester NY, playing as much as possible. Several band members became what could be called a rotating cast, joining the show when available but never really solidifying as a group. Preston says 'I've loved the musicians who I've gotten to work with and understand that they have day jobs and are in several other bands. I'm taking my time to find a group of people who I can really delve into this with." As of now, Pleistocene is a solo project. With plans of writing her third album under this name, a full band is in the works and can be expected to be heard on the next recordings.

Preston grew up hearing the music of Roy Orbison, The Kinks, and Neil Young. In high school she started her first band, inspired by popular indie music of the time, The Shins, Rilo Kiley and Azure Ray. After shipping off to college at the University of Fredonia, she and two other women started a group called "Paul's Grandfather," which was greatly inspired by classic rock and roll artist as well as having folk influences. The ladies went on to do several East coast tours and to play with national acts such as Cursive, Brand New and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

The band broke up after their dreams and aspirations led them in separate directions and Preston found herself playing and singing in the band Cottage Jefferson of Rochester NY. Her and the band co-wrote and recorded the locally successful album "8/7 Central." After a few major life changes, Preston left Rochester and took a train to New York City, not to come back until the songs for 'Goners' were complete.

Currently Preston resides in Rochester NY and continues to play her original music as well as an impressive repertoire of Motown & Jazz music. Plans for the winter are put to a halt as she focus' on her other passion, her holiday band "The Abominable Snowband" which embarks on their third season of playing holiday events for all ages. Says Preston, "The Spring should bring new, surprising things. I have so much to learn and as much as I love my home town, I'll need to expand my mind and push my limits in the near future to keep this momentum from becoming unavailing." [+]
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