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Phalse Prophet and his Requiem for the Lost
A satirical (comedic) audience participation rock opera.

The audience will witness a false prophet tell of his background meeting a betrayed angel. Book of Mormon meets Alice Cooper meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show; the prophet will perform magic tricks under the guise of miracles and attempt to convert the audience. There will be prophecy, music, praise & worship, communion, and if the spirit moves maybe even a baptism.

What we are trying to do: We aim to show people they can be moved under false pretenses so they become more discerning in their search for truth. And we put on a good show with magic and hilarity. We are simultaneously lampooning Pentecostalism and the occult. Just because some guy spews some wicked words, or because you feel power during a worship song, doesn't mean that the underlying theology is true. Join us as we poke fun at religious impostors everywhere as we put on a service to everybody's favorite faux demon, Abezethibou.

2 Keyboardists, Drums, Guitar, bass. Vocals,dancers [+]
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