Pariah might refer to:

  • A member of the Paraiyar caste in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu
  • Pariah state, a country whose behaviour doesn't conform to norms
  • Outcast (person) Using the word "pariah" is considered extremely offensive to Dalits in India, and it is often replaced with the euphemism "the P-word".

Science and mathematics

  • Pariah dog, a type of semi-feral dog
  • Pariah group, the six ( J1, J3, J4, O'N, Ru, Ly) of the 26 sporadic groups that aren't contained in the monster group


  • Pariah (album), 2005 album by the black metal band Naglfar
  • Pariah, post-1987 name of the heavy metal band Satan
  • "Pariah" by Black Sabbath, bonus track on the 2013 album 13
  • "Pariah" by Danielle Dax, from the 1984 album Jesus Egg That Wept
  • "Pariah" by dredg, title track of the 2009 album The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion
  • "Pariah" by Lamb of God, from the 2000 album New American Gospel
  • "Pariah" by Scar Symmetry, bonus track on the 2009 album Dark Matter Dimensions
  • "Pariah" by Bullet For my Valentine from the 2015 album Venom
  • "Pariah" (album) by Glasslands (2016)
  • Pariah, a Texan heavy metal band in the late 80s and early 90's.

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