Paragon might refer to:



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In music

  • Paragon (album), a 2004 album by Exists
  • Paragon (band), a heavy metal band from Germany
  • The Paragons, a ska and rocksteady vocal group from Kingston, Jamaica
  • Paragon cymbals, a line of cymbals made by Sabian, designed specifically for drummer Neil Peart

Other uses in arts and entertainment

Other uses

  • paragon (typography), the size of type between great primer and double pica, standardised as 20-point
  • Paragon (diamond), a diamond that originated in Brazil weighing 137.82 carats
  • Paragon CRT, a method of corneal refraction developed by Paragon Vision Sciences
  • Intel Paragon, a series of massively parallel supercomputers
  • HMS Paragon, the name of two ships of the Royal Navy
  • Paragon, a mountain bike in the Gary Fisher Collection