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Omega "Cipherella" B

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Omega "Cipherella" Born is an American musician, song-writer, composer, activist, and humanitarian. Born in Huntsville, AL but raised in the Crimson Nation of Tuscaloosa, AL. Music became a part of her life at an early age. Seven years young, she picked up an electric guitar and joined a summer camp program- formed by Blues Legends Debbie Bond and Willie King, called the Blues Camp Kids. She progressed so well as a guitar player that she was given a Fender guitar by the great Deborah Coleman, who said Omega reminded her a lot of herself. Taking heed to what Deborah had spoken, Omega decided to sing, play, and dabble in writing. The results lead her to
center stage in Memphis, TN playing with the infamous B.B. King. When asked about that experience, Omega says "...it's B.B. King...first of all I'm nine years old..but his music, the energy, the feel of the crowd wooed me in a place that felt so good...I was instantly hooked" And hooked she was. Time has passed and seasons have changed but one thing remains the same; music. As she grew up and started working less on music and more on life, she realized that they are one in the same. In an interview with HipHopWeekly she says " I have made a conscious decision to liberate the minds through music. Hip Hop has chosen me to be a pioneer for her resurrection, bringing her purest essence of self expression. In doing so I have learned to sing, emcee, DJ, produce, engineer, write, dance, and most importantly love life."-2008 [+]
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