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Olivia Smith is an Emmy​ award winning journalist​ based in Los Angeles, California​. She is a reporter and producer at ABC News​ National and Good Good Morning America Digital. [5][3][2][1]​​


Smith graduated from New York University​ in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree​ in media, culture, and communication. She went on to attend Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism​, graduating in 2012 with a Master's degree​ in journalism. [2]​​​


She has extensive experience with ten plus years in print, broadcast, multimedia​ and digital journalism, as well as with local, national and international reporting. She has worked on stories for several media organizations throughout her career, including CNN, CNNMoney​, 60 Minutes​, Al Jazeera, NY1 News and the Columbia Journalism Review​. [5]

ABC News

Smith joined ABC News in March 2015. She creates original videos and content across all media platforms. Smith also covers a wide range of topics, from feature stories to breaking news, and specializes in culture, lifestyle, health and wellness reporting. [5]

Personal Life

Smith is a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Medicine​. [2]

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