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Nikhilesh De, who also goes by Nik De[1]​ is an American​ award winning reporter​ at CoinDesk​ who writes about Business​, Finance, and Science​​. [2]​ [3]​ [4]​ [5]​ [6]​ His work has been picked up by local, state, and international outlets. [20][21]


Photo of Nikhilesh De with his Marital Arts friends.

De is a Black belt in Mixed martial arts​. [22][23]



Nik De is a native of New Jersey​ and grew up in the are of Piscataway for most of his early upbringing. [7][8]​ He has a brother named Ankush De. [9]


Since he was a kid he had been an active and had a keen interest in Martial Arts​. [10]​ During his teenage High School days, he was the assistant instructor at Piscataway Martial Arts. He introduced new students to martial arts, and also supervised classes and exams. He continues to be an instructor. [11]


He is an alum of Piscataway High School​ and graduated in 2013. [12]



Nikhilesh holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the Rutgers University-New Brunswick[13] He was a part of the digital communication, information, and media groups. [16]​ During his time at the college he worked as a reporter for several publications as a writer and also as a ​​web and hardware technician. [14]


He worked for Qwantech International. He later worked for the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems. [15]



Photo of Nikhilesh De with president Barack Obama​.


In 2017, Nikhilesh joined CoinDesk taking a position of a News reporter​. Previously, he was a Contributor​ at Dentists Money Digest, a digital news organization dedicated to the dental industry. From 2013 up to 2017, Nikhilesh worked at Targum Publishing Co., having a variety of positions from Staff writer​ to Correspondent​. [16]


For about two years, in 2015-2016, he served as a Communications Intern at Rutgers University School of Engineering Dean's Office, dealing with maintaining the website of the university, as well as department websites within the school and writing news releases. [17]


In addition to Reporter's career, Nikhilesh serves as an  instructor at Piscataway Martial Arts. [18]


Personal Life

Nik De is a Martial Arts​ instructor in his hometown of Piscataway[19]

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